1972 Porsche 911T - Conversion to 3.6


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B&B Nose-mounted Oil Cooler Installation


Due to the lack of an engine-mounted oil cooler on the 3.6 and the lack of a large body mounted oil cooler on the 911T, a 3.6 conversion in an early 911 tub will require the installation of an external oil cooler.Other 3.6 conversions have relied on either single or dual fender mounted oil coolers.This is apparently still insufficient to provide adequate cooling.An additional consideration is the 1972 is different from all others in terms of the oil tank location it could have required some additional fabrication.I was lucky enough that Dr. T had a 72 also and had been there and done that.He provided a pre-cut kit with all the necessary pieces to install.


There are a few choices; Mocal, B&B and others.I decided to go with a MOCAL thermostat and B&B nose-mounted oil cooler with AN-12 braided steel lines.


One of the challenges with the early tub is the lack of space and airflow, even with an RS Front Bumper.I would have to create a box in the nose to provide sufficient airflow through the cooler.



RS Bumper would not clear the cooler lines and 2/3 of the cooler airflow would be obstructed.



A 4 Ĺ Grinder with a cut-off wheel makes quick work of decades old German steel.Now what do I do?




Some 1/8 inch angle-iron, plate steel and 20 gauge steel forms the box around the oil cooler.Be careful of the bumper mount bolt locations, trunk latches and drain holes in the tub.Another area to watch is the clearance needed to remove/re-install the gas tank.Too big a cooler box will prevent you from easily removing/reinstalling the gas tank.Ask me how I know.




Nearly finished product.Some of the welds need to be cleaned up but is 97% done.



AN-12 Lines are run 45 degrees from the cooler and up above in the fenderwell.Clearance is tight but fits.Airflow is superb.I could have spent some more design time and angled the box forward but ran out of time (energy?).The MOCAL thermostat is set to 80 degrees.I havenít hit the hot weather yet but engine temp does not exceed 160 degrees on a 70-degree day at the track.


The braided cooler lines are run from the front fender well, exposed along the rocker panel and up around the torsion bar cover.I sprayed them with flat black paint to disguise them.This actually does work.It is much less noticeable compared to the shiny braided.