Tom's 911 Targa

Welcome to my Porsche page.  This is my first attempt at a web site.
My car is a 1974 911 Targa that I bought in '98 as a weekend driver. It has turned out to be an exciting experience for me. Although the car is 25 years old it is in perfect condition with only 53,000 miles.
My original intention was to find a nice older car that is unique, but still fun to drive and not be afraid to take it out and drive it - even in the snow.
I  found all of that in this car.

   This is a graphic intensive web site - Thank you for being patient while it loads.

This is a picture of my car in the mountains
at Idyllwild near L.A. - yes we do get snow !
(This appeared in the March 99 Pano page 58)

My favorite future Porsche driver
My son Mike

It's hard to tell it's a '74

The new interior

Yes, that does read
110 MPH !

H-4 Headlights

Polished out Fuchs

The business end - 2.7  w/CIS

Waiting for the weekend

Whale tail, flares and Bursch muffler

Main Project Page

Painting Brake Calipers

Rollbar Painting

Targa Top Recovering

Wheel Polishing

Wiper Reversal

Interior Restoration


Engine Area Detailing

Heater Flapper Box Installation

Remote Oil Cooler

Updated  6-1-00