My 1978 Guards Red 928

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S4 caliper and rotor upgrade!An easy way to upgrade to S4s or BIG REDS on you OB (old bugger). Available from 928 Specialists and 928 International.

Short stroke shifter project.A replacement shifter available for your 5 speed 928 to shorten the stroke. (no longer a row boat)

Step by step of how I rebuilt my air pump. A photo journal of the steps I took in re-building the emission air pump on my 928.

How to convert your 24 hour clock to 12 hour. Mike Schmidt did what all you digital guys seem to want to do for your 24 hour clocks. He did the photo work and created the text to go with it. Then he let me have all this to pass to the rest of the world. For anyone with good fingers this should not be to tough. If you don't want to challenge it yourself, write one of us, maybe we can get it done for you! E-mail Mike E-mail Mark

Some photos of "The Begining" After literaly leaking a quart every 125 miles it was time to do some work on the car! Below are a couple dozen pictures taken until I started to run out of time. Then just the finish photo. Hope they entertain you.
Dec. 18th, 1999 8 hours, total = 08 hours - Remove induction and fuel systems.
Dec. 19th, 1999 5 hours, total = 13 hours - Remove front covers, belts, and cam tower.
Dec. 26th, 1999 4 hours, total = 17 hours - Remove thermostat, water pump and engine breather. Do some cleaning.
Dec. 28th, 1999 3 hours, total = 20 hours - Remove other cam tower, remove blower motor and 3 hand fulls of leaves and needles still more in there. Sorry no photos.

Here is the before and after.

Oh MAN, I barely remember this! Boy was it dirty in there! Pretty slick now!!! Thank you Dave Shaeffer!

Seperate images

Carol and Keith's "T" pick-up and my 928
A view under the hood before starting
Disassembly begins with removal of the "spider"
View of the valley with induction and fuel systems removed
Bolts out and cam tower ready to remove
Cam tower close up
View of the head without cam tower
Lots of room to work with cam tower gone
Close up of model-T motor
Always use your protection (fender covers)
I wasn't sure but I figured this to be the thermostat housing.
Had to tap it with a plastic mallet to get it louse.
Thermostat and it's orientation.
They have said the gasket below the breather is a leak source.
So off it comes, too easily I must say.
The rods for the two front cylinders are visible.
Cardboard over the breather hole.
I cut the timing belt off to get it out of the way.
I took off the water pump without taking off the crank shaft damper.
I spent some time cleaning the top of the motor.
How long is that timing belt, really.

My Winter Project "Do List"

*DONE* Repair leaks in wheels.
*DONE* Detail engine compartment.
*DONE* Replace timing belt and water pump.
*DONE* Replace all hoses in the engine bay.
*DONE* Replace oil pan gasket, motor mounts, check out steering rack
*DONE* Replace shocks and springs.
*DONE* Replace lower ball joints.
*DONE* Remove blower motor and clean, possibly add air inlet tube.
*DONE* *REPLACED CLUTCH ASSY* Adjust Clutch intermediate disc.
*DONE* Repair and weld broken lower bell housing. (PO did it, not me)
*DONE* Replace right side cam tower gasket.
*DONE* Replace the rear bumper cover (Woman who rear ended me actually ended up paying for the car).
*DONE* New Exhaust system, not sure what yet.
*DONE* Sand and polish, possibly anodize spider body and legs
*DONE* Reassemble motor
*DONE* Replace hood shocks.
*DONE* Replace radiator.
*DONE* Install larger electric fan.
*DONE* Larger brakes on existing rotors.
*DONE* Peplace Headlamps with new-usedf headlamps. Built a wiring harness with relays to carry extra current. Installed 100 watt highbeams! It's pretty brightr out there now!!
______"Anti-squeek" on the backs of the front pads.
______Liner under the hood.
______Repair speedometer. (only works when warm out)
______Have accuracy of tach checked. Seems to change with the weather.
______Replace dash, pod, center console, seats. Two tone gray interior?
______All that old stuff under the dash.
______Replace fuse panel (already have the new one)
______Fix the water leak over the fuse panel
______New Blaupunkt sound system, disc changer, speakers, whatever it takes.
______Create a new part to adjust clutch properly
______Rebuild 5-speed transmission. Rebuild the torque tube.
______Mount shift ball cup stud to torque tube. Replace ball cup with a hyme joint.
______Replace bearing on the front of the air conditioning compressor
______Remove Airpump, cap rear of the heads, remove all associated plumbing. Store for the inevitable.
______Turbo/Intercooler or Blower/Intercooler. Make the decision.
______Electric door locks, remote w/alarm, remote windows, remote hatch and remote start.
______New shortened upper "A" arms to bring top of tires in, lower car.
______Install remote control for door locks, windows up/down, car start, trunk open, panic button.
______Repair right side door widow wiring.
______Paint detailing on body or repaint the whole car?

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