Messin' With 911's

Hi I'm Chris Bennet. A few of summers ago I invited some friends over for some "Messin' with 911's at Chris' House".  Since then we've tackled quite a few projects together. Since we are usually working on someone else's car we have a motto:
"Nothing to worry about - it's not my car."

Adventure: Daytona to New Hampshire in a '69 911E Updated 8/24/04
Messin with Jane Bennett's Transmission  Added 6/6/04
944 Engine Work - Tower of Pain  Added 3/13/03
DME hacking Updated 7/1/04
Summer2001 - Disassemble and Reassemble motor between track events
 Added 2/16/03
3.2 to 3.4 twin plug conversion   Updated 8/13/02
It was the best of times it was the worst of times.. Updated 8/13/02
I've discovered yet another way to blow up my motor...
Engine Rebuild Summer 2000 Part II 10/19/00
Engine Rebuild Summer 2000 Part I

Winter projects
Fall '99
Summer of '99
Summer of '98
Cars of the Messin gang
Some of my own projects
Stupid stuff just like other people have on their web pages...
Tech Notes Updated 2/14/04

That's (left to right): Michael Wildt, Mark Hald, Me and Michael Rothenberg in Michael R's SC. The engine was out while we fixed a little problem in his gearbox.