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This is my new baby!
She looks great.
I really didn't care for phone dials but they really look good on this car.
I will however reshod with 17" Techno Twist Wheels and Bridgestone 730's

rear view

This is the only view that matters.
New plates on the way.

passenger side view

A nice cozy cockpit.
The phone is gone and next is the cheesy Alpine cassette deck.
IMHO the 3-spoke wheel looks the best.
Ditto the analog clock.
That leather dash, pod and seats are 22 years old!

rear seat view

Look at these seats!
They way this photo looks you'd think you could fit an adult back there.
We all know better.
Can you believe these are 22 year old seats!

drivers side  view

There's that 3 spoke wheel again.

These photos are what the PO e-mailed me.

I pretty much bought the car even before I saw it in person.
I wasn't wrong.
The photos don't do it justice.


This is my car in it's somewhat original form as it was presented to my PO when he bought it.
He then had the Copper Brown Metallic paint redone to  Midnight Blue Metallic and replaced
the leaking BBS wheels with original style 15" phone dials. Probably a good thing because it
looks like the owner who put on the BBS wheels got the wrong offsets for the front.

The Owner and his new 928
Carroll's Creek Restaurant in Annapolis, MD
Chesapeake Region PCA new members party
Saturday, March 31, 2001

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