Page 2 - My Best Buddy

This disaster area is my basement bike workshop.
Off to the left of the photo is (3) more bicycles hanging from the ceiling.
In the spot where the trash can is, now resides a Wieder squat rack/incline bench
and about 500#'s of assorted plates, bars and dumbbells
Those benches in the back rest where the future entrance to the garage will be.
I'm in the process of selling off the excess ('cept the red IF on the left with the carbon fiber wheels)
I'm looking forward to the financial relief i'll get from owning a Porsche 928. ; )
Dollar for dollar, I think maintaining my shark will be cheaper than bike racing.
Bike racing is not cheap! (The bike is the cheapest part of the deal)
My wife thinks i'm obsessive compulsive.
I think i'm just a gear nut!

This is my boy. His name is Kozmo.
Here he is showing me his "cant touch dis" face.
'Hey dad, with a cute face like this and your cool
Porsche 928, we can pick up all kinds of young
ladies down in Ego Alley"
Were babe magnets!
Yeah right little buddy, like mommy will let that happen!

Kozmo dreaming of long drives in daddy's Porsche

Kozmo after daddy informed him that he had a snowballs chance in ...
that he would ever set a paw in the Porsche
He'll have to settle for a ride in Daddy's other baby....

Dogs love trucks!

The author with silly helmet cover.
(I wonder if they'll let me wear that on my Drivers Ed. helmet)

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