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My First Porsche

I bought this car in the fall of 1987. It belonged to my ex-roomate who sold it shortly after he got married.... hmmm, that seems to happen often. Anyway, this car was a heavily modified 1977 Euro 911S. It still had the original 2.7L, but it had been modified by Bob Farmer in Indiana. The Stage III conversion consisted of porting, headers, Webers, etc, and resulted in about 220hp at the crank. This was verified by the consistent 13.7 @ 100 mph 1/4 mi. times . The suspension had Koni adjustables all around, and Weltmeister 22/19 adjustable sway bars. This car was a blast to drive because of its light weight (2400 dry) and good power. I went to a couple of DEs at Putnam Park in the early 90s, and the car would turn 1.27+ with me driving. I detailed this car pretty well since most of the other things had been done, and I have included a few pictures.


The ensuing years saw the poor motor getting tired and me getting sidetracked by marriage, boating, work, etc. This all culminated in the car getting HIT and totaled while parked.

The Replacement

I bought this car in the fall of 1997 after my 1977 911S got hit. I have always fantasized about having a car with the performance of the Ruf Yellowbird. Since buying the real thing is not within my budget, I started thinking about building something similar. I started with the car you see here which I bought with a number of modifications already done, thinking that I could just add the remaining things and save some money... Well, I am sure you know where this is going, that didn't work out.


Since buying the car I have made a number of cosmetic changes, among them removing the rally lights and polishing the wheels. Although the rally lights are classic and really unique, I felt that they didn't belong on this vintage or style car. I like the late 70s IMSA style cars, so I took the lights off and sold them. I also replaced the front valance which was completely butchered by the PO. In addition, I really like the look of polished metal, so I sent the wheels off to Rennsport in Georgia to have them polished.

Now we have arrived at the expensive part of the story... one evening on the way home from work, the turbocharger sheared its input shaft. That was just the beginning... I had been planning on adding headers to my engine to reduce the turbo lag, and the turbo breaking was just the excuse I needed to tear into the engine. To make a long story short, the more I took apart, the more disappointed I got. It seems that the "Front Valance Butcher" had been working under the hood too... not too surprising! At that point I decided to take the engine completely apart and check everything out. After talking to LOTS of people, I had the engine completely rebuilt and upgraded by Steve Weiner at Rennsportsystems. It now has the rest of the stuff that it should have had in the first place, and I have a BUNCH of junk Porsche parts. It has a twin plug RSR distributor, ported heads and manifold, 964 cams, B&B headers and muffler, K27-7200, etc. Since the engine is now at a point that I am happy with, it is time to proceed to the suspension.



Well, I guess it's about time for an update!  It is only a year overdue.  As I have joined the ranks of the unemployed, I have a little bit of free time to add a few pictures and text.  I did upgrade the suspension with Sanders torsion bars all the way around, Bilstien sports in the rear and HD in the front, installed new spring plate bushings, and reinforced my rear sway bar mounts.  I also had the spindles raised, installed a Kennedy Engineering clutch to replace the badly slipping brand new Centerforce, and changed to 993TT rotors in the front.  OOPS... a few more things!  The transmission has been rebuilt and a Guard Transmission limited slip installed and I swapped my cast boat anchor wheels for some Kinesis K58s.  Here are a few pictures...




I have included a few pictures of some of my bikes... more to come!


Arrrgh... are you tired of all the boring static shots?  How about a few of my bike being used as intended?



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