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The Washington State 914s website exists to serve the interests of Porsche 914 owners and fans in and around the Pacific Northwest (USA, and, we suppose, the Pacific Southwest of Canada). There are no other requirements to participate. There are no dues. There are no monthly meetings. There are occasional gatherings. We will use the space below to keep you updated on these gatherings and anything else that might be going on in the area or with this site. See the Members page for information on "joining." See the Contact page to get ahold of us.

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April 15, 2003

Note: We're having technical difficulties with either Blogger, the Rennlist server or both. The former hangs when trying to publish to the latter. For now I've just pasted the last Blogger post into the template and uploaded it as a static file. [-JB]

914 Breakfast

Seattle's first 914 breakfast will be held at Alki on April 19th. Bring your car to park along the water and show it off. Time 9:14 AM of course! Meet and eat at the Alki Bakery-2738 Alki SW. Just show up and maybe we will go for a group drive after.

posted by John Bedard at 9:50am

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