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Home security concerns?

Residential break and enter is occurring at a truly alarming rate, and all indications are that the situation will not improve within the near future. What can you do to properly protect your home against the very real threat of break-in? Fortunately there are a significant number of very simple and effective ways to add protection to your home without going to great expense.

Analyze your home security system. Is there a way for someone to break into the house and disable the security system without triggering an alarm? Are there areas in which someone could enter through a window, remove valuables and leave through the same window without being noticed? A garage door is a very vulnerable section of your home, and often very easy to open from outside. Often the door is not monitored by the security system and relies upon an internal motion sensor instead. You should know the layout and function of the entire system installed in your home. By knowing the weak points and how to work around the system you are best prepared to improve it. Think about how to break into your house and cause its security system to fail, then devise ways to prevent it from happening.

If you have contractors doing work in your house and supply them a key, get a second lock set for this purpose. While work is being undertaken install the spare lock. After the contractors leave put the original lock back in place. This will prevent them from gaining access in the future if they copy the key.

Although I do not work in the alarm industry, I've performed extensive upgrades and improvements to my home security system using the technique above and with information and ideas from the following sources. While it would be irresponsible to describe the improvements online, I would be happy to assist others in reducing weak points in their security systems. Email me with any questions.

I've recently become aware of the use of bump keys to easily open locks. I made a bump key in just a few minutes and was able to open the dead bolts on the doors of my house. The locks are doing little more than keeping wind from blowing the door open. Anyone with a bump key and intent to get in would do so with virtually no resistance.
Watch the bump key how-to video on YouTube.

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