Larcan amplifier connectors

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Visit my Larcan amplifier page for schematic diagrams, installation ideas, and much more.
This page offers conversion information for lo band amplifiers for144MHz operation.

These parts are presently available. $35 shipped for a set of four. The BNC connector can be used to replace the original chassis connector or you can use the slide on connector with the wire tail instead. Many owners connect DC directly to the rail down the middle of the module. The chassis mount DC connector makes it very easy to power the amplifier. The output connector can be used to build an adapter to Type-N or other type connector as desired.

Slide on RF output adapters can be fabricated from the original chassis mount connectors. I can supply the chassis mount part only as shown above. The 1/4 inch spacer and Type-N (or SO239)chassis connector would have to be obtained elsewhere.

For purposes of disclosure and so on, some background is in order. I work in broadcasting and have installed, maintained, and repaired Larcan and other TV and FM transmitters for many years. The amplifier modules and other parts pictured on my pages were obtained legitimately through other sources. The use of this equipment for amateur radio purposes should not in any way be interpreted as an endorsement by either my employer or Larcan, nor in any other way related to my regular work duties.