Generac 7000EXL and Briggs & Stratton 5500W generators

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1 September 2010
The Briggs & Stratton generator has found a new home. The Generac 7000EXL stays with me. It is no longer for sale.
I'll keep this page online to keep the manuals available for anyone interested.

I'm neither a small engine mechanic nor a dealer. I work with electronics and tinker with electrical and small engines in my spare time. Playing with generators puts it all together in one package.

Generator #1
Generac 7000EXL generator. Electric start
Powered by Generac GN410 14HP OHVI (OverHead Valve Industrial) gasoline engine.
PowerSurge Alternator delivers 7000 watts continuous, 12250 watt starting power.
Automatic idle control, automatic voltage regulation.
Pressurized lubrication system. Uses readily available automotive type spin on oil filter, same type as Toyota Corolla.
Metal fuel tank and wheel kit.
Standard 120VAC duplex outlets for use with extension cords
120/240V 30A and 20A twistlock outlets with floating neutral for safe connection to transfer panel.
Looks practically new and in perfect working condition.
Fresh oil and filter change on 7 May.

Operator's manual
Illustrated parts List
Manual with electrical diagram
Engine owner's manual
Engine Service and Repair manual

This is a top quality product suitable for heavy duty daily use.
Unlike all other engines manufactured primarily for lawn and garden applications, Generac OHVI engines are made specifically for generators. They are engineered to run for the long periods of time required during a severe power outage or on a job site, utilizing the same type of pressurized oil lubrication used to give automobile engines long and trouble-free lives. Generac OHVI engines have a significantly longer life than competitive engines – an unprecedented three to four times longer – making them the best investment on the market.

I bought this generator in April 2010. It is is a great machine. Electric start is sweet. The engine was running but there was no electrical output. The owner wasn't interested in repair and just bought another one. I replaced two faulty components on a circuit board and now it works perfectly. Here is a small page detailing the repair.
I don't have the battery charger but could likely find something suitable if needed. The battery is charged whenever the engine is running. Monthly testing will ensure it remains ready.

Engine labels. I don't know the exact age of the generator. It is model 1657-2. From the manuals, revision 2 seems to have been produced in early 2006.

Generator #2
Briggs and Stratton, Elite series generator. Model 030206
5500 watts continuous, 8500 watts starting power
Briggs & Stratton 10 HP overhead valve gasoline engine.
30A 120/240V twistlock outlet with floating neutral for connection to transfer panel
15A 120V duplex outlet
Wheel kit

I bought this one in August 2009 to replace my Generac 5500XL that had problems getting my well pump running. The original owner purchased it new for backup use. He was moving into an apartment and it was no longer needed. When I got it the engine case hadn't been filled with oil and the fuel tank was dry. Before fueling I installed an inline fuel filter to ensure the carburetor remained clean. I've had the engine running for a total of 2:45 hours. The engine isn’t even broken in. It still has plastic over the electrical panel cover. It is pristine, in like new condition.

User manual (pdf)
Electrical diagram (pdf)
Engine manual (pdf)

Briggs & Stratton engine model and code identification.
Model 204412. The engine has a 20 cubic inch displacement, basic design series 4, horizontal shaft, plain bearing flange mounting, rewind starter.
Code 070405x. This engine was built on 5 April 2007.

Either of these generators will easily power a typical home during a prolonged power outage. They can supply plenty of power for a deep well pump, oil fired furnace, fridge, freezer, microwave and toaster ovens, and so on. It is pushing things to power a stove, electric heat, or electric water heater, but it is possible with careful monitoring of load. If you want something reliable to keep your house alive and warm you will be pleased with either of these generators.

My transfer panel requires a generator with floating neutral. Both of these generators have the neutral bond jumper removed for proper use with the panel. It can easily be installed in the event you plan to use it in a stand alone mode with extension cords or with a transfer panel that requires a bonded neutral. The jumper goes in place on one of the 120V duplex outlets between the ground and neutral screws.

Everything will break eventually. Think about where you will look for parts and repair. Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese generators (Champion, King Canada, Mortox, Lifan, ETQ, DuroPower, MultiPower, United Power, Powertek, Kipor, etc) or other second rate equipment. China doesn't have a good reputation for very much and getting parts for their equipment is a crap shoot at best. On the other hand, Briggs and Stratton has a fantastic network of repair shops and parts are readily available. Generac has been building generators in Wisconsin since 1959. They also have a network of dealers. If merely having a generator gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and you don't anticipate having to rely upon it you can easily save a few dollars elsewhere.

Basic engine repairs, maintenance, tune-ups, and oil and filter changes are also available. Stop by with your generator, lawnmower, snowblower, etc. Before purchasing an expensive new regulator board for your generator it is worth checking to see if repair is feasible. Repairs can often be performed at a fraction of the cost of new. Often a generator with no AC output can be fixed in less than five minutes! I'm willing to share simple troubleshooting and repair techniques over the phone or via email to get you out of a bind quickly.

I may be interested in purchasing broken and unwanted generators or other equipment for parts or repair. I can also offer assistance with installation of transfer panels.

Email and we can discuss.

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