Generac 5500XL 5.5kW generator

This is a Generac 5500XL generator.
Read the manufacturer specifications, and owner's manual.
5500 watt rated output power, 6875 watt surge.
Automatic idle control, automatic voltage regulation.
Uses standard automotive type spin on oil filter. (Same type as Toyota Corolla)

Powered by Generac GN320 11HP OHVI (OverHead Valve Industrial) engine. (15MB file)
The Engine Story by Generac.

It has a standard 120VAC duplex outlets for use with extension cords or direct plug in operation. 120/240V 30A (L14-30R) twistlock outlet.
The original 120VAC 30A (L5-30R) twistlock outlet has been replaced with a 120/240V 20A (L14-20R) twistlock outlet.
Neutral line is floating, suitable for generator transfer panels. The neutral-ground bond can be easily installed if required.

NEMA type outlets.

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Here are a few other pictures...
left side angle view
front full view
right side full view
back full view with pull cord and air filter
AC output panel
Generator / engine labels
Engine label closeup
Oil drain, engine shock mount
Left foot
Right foot
Oil filter and pressure switch
Right side of engine
Closer shot of engine pull cord and air filter
Idle control solenoid and adjustment spring
Generator end close up
Electrical panel close up
Circuit breakers and 5500XL label
Gas cap with fuel gauge
Air filter removed
Closeup of air intake