2M Larcan conversion parts

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2M Larcan conversion parts list

Prior to removing old parts, catalog what is already in place. There seem to be minor changes in modules, possibly updates / improvements from Larcan. You may be able to recycle capacitors from another area of the amplifier or not have to remove the old parts. Please double check my list and quantities prior to ordering parts and let me know if I've goofed somewhere.

Input splitter
C1,C2 - 33pF
C3,C4 - 18pF
C5,C6 - 33pF
L1 - 100nH
L2, L3 - 43nH

PA input board (x4)
C1, C2 - 200pF (May already be in place)
C3 - 150pF
C4 - 100pF
Ca - 100pF

PA output board (x4)
C13 - 2x 33pF
C14 - 2x 33pF
C15 - 2x 33pF
C16 - 2.7pF

Output combiner
C1 - 3.3pF
C2 - 18pF
C3 - 18pF
C4 - 24pF (reuse original C2)
C5 - 24pF (reuse original C3)
C8 - 3.3pF
L1 - 100nH
L2, L3 - 43nH (cut 100nH in half)


4x 2.7pF ATC100B2R7CT500X
2x 3.3pF ATC100B3R3BT500X
4x 18pF ATC100B180KT500X
2x 24pF ATC100B240JT500X (Recycle C2 and C3)
26x 33pF ATC100B330KT500X
8x 100pF ATC100B101KT500X
4x 150pF ATC100B151KT500X
8x 200pF ATC100B201KT500X (Check existing parts)

2x 43nH - Coilcraft B10TJLB
3x 100nH - Coilcraft 132-10SMJLB

Self adhesive copper foil tape greatly simplifies adding the stripline jumpers. I use a thin strip of solid copper strap for the input and output shorting straps.

Inductors can be home wound using a 1/8 inch drill bit form. The red coils removed from the board can be straightened and rewound.
43nH - 4 turns
100nH - 10 turns