Vol’s 911 Page


Here are a few shots of my 1971 911T. It’s somewhat of an outlaw, if you consider a modified T an outlaw. It was not stock when I bought it in 1991, so as situations arose, I always chose the path of “upgrade/enhance performance”. In it’s current form it has a 3.2 CIS engine, Carrera Suspension, and 944 Turbo brakes.


The engine is a 79 3.0 which was upgraded to 3.2. I bought the engine from Partsheaven in 1996. It uses oil via the valve guides, but it has run as is for 65k miles since it was installed. The only repair I have done to the engine in the five years was to replace the alternator. Motor updates include:


I added a few other non-structural things to make it easier to live with such as;

This car is a lot of fun to drive since it has a pretty good power to weight ratio. Throttle response is good in all gears despite the tall gearing of an 86 915 gearbox. The tricky part is that the extra power and weight of the bigger motor is not offset by wider rubber in the rear, so the back end is usually an active participant in most cornering efforts. Let's just say that trail braking is almost never necessary to get the car to turn!

Which of course is exactly how I like it and why this car has been my daily driver for 9+ years.