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Welcome to the rennlist.org mirror page for PUB Racing - the premier webpage for Porsche 924 racing online. We currently are racing one Porsche 924 (with more cars and drivers to come next season) in the SCCA's ITA (Improved Touring A) class. This is a pretty fiercely competitive crowd, with above-average door-to-door racing compared to the rest of the SCCA's classes. This is particular to ITA and ITS, and top competition in these classes includes RX7's and Hondas (the 944, BTW, runs in ITS, as does the 924S). In spite of the 924's advantages for suspension and layout, it is difficult to match up to the Hondas, as they are able to develop more power than us in their DOHC 1.6L motors (if the rumors are to be believed). Add to this the fact that some of the top IT drivers in the nation, especially in ITA, have Waterford Hills (our home track) as _their_ home track, and it makes for some pretty tough weekend racing!

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#77 - 1979 PORSCHE 924

Petrol Blue Metallic 

2.0L, SOHC I4, 5-Speed manual transaxle 
~120hp estimated output (race trim)

The Driver's School Crew - Thanks Guys!!!



The interior is fairly well stripped, but retains the dashboard (and center console, not required) as per IT rules. Everything else is removed to facilitate installation of the roll cage. Carpet and sound-deadening have been removed to reduce weight, and a full cage with door bars (for side-impact protection) has been welded in. The seat is a Kirkey aluminum circle-track seat. Additionally, a full fire-suppression system is installed (extinguisher ports at intake, fuel tank, and driver's feet), plus the usual racing safety gear of 5-point harness, electrical cutoff switches, and window net.

An oil temp gauge has replaced the clock in the center console, reading temps from the oil filter (prior to where the oil enters the oil cooler). An additional oil pressure warning light is added between the tach and speedo. The rear seat has also been removed. A Momo steering wheel with quick-release has been added. An aux starter switch and an aux rad fan switch have been added. A larger rearview mirror has been added, and a camera mount bolts to the roll cage for the videocamera.



Team SCR - ITA Saturn Racing Experts (& good frends!)