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28.09.2001 12:54 PM - Welcome back! Not much has changed yet. First I would like to extend some thanks to John Larson, with his help I have been able to aquire all the parts I need to get my 914 back on the road finally. Only been almost a year since I had a car to call my own.

I am working on putting a new system into the car, this one is much more powerful, the idea being that I will not need to upgrade it for a while, and it will have plenty of processing power for the toys I want to add. For fun I will be adding some of the simple kits that you can get from your local electronics type store, or Radio Shack, and how they might be fun on a car like our teener's.

27.06.2001 2:07 AM - No, in fact I can't sleep. Thought I would post something here to show that I and the car are still alive, although both needing a little work. I have aquired a bit of CTS (carpel tunnel) and it has been making things like keeping up this web page up to date has not been so high on the priority list. I am able to dictate a bit with voice recognition software which is helping, but am still far from being repaired myself.

On the good news though we should have our transmission here in the next week, and get it put back in which will put us back on the road. The computer system is now talking, playing music and in general ready to be installed. More to come in the next few weeks. Also, we have trimmed up this page to get a faster load time, if you need old news, its now in its place.

06.05.2001 11:22 PM - Yea, its been well over a month since an update. I am still fighting the transmission problem, but should have a new one here in another three weeks or so. This gives me time to get caught up with the rest of life right now. The computer industry sure could use an upturn for a while ;-)

I have been having alot of trouble with my hands and typing lately, so I had to scrape some money together to get some voice recognition software. I have used this stuff for years, but this new version is pretty good. Too bad it's Windows. But when speaking to another friend that we are building his system for (also the person who will model our animation's for in the car) he has asked me to find a way to make it so he has to reboot his car at least once a day 8-) With that in mind I will be adding Windows 98 information as well, and maybe even 2000. We will still try to keep it free and point out the cheap ways. No embedded NT unless someone is going to be making some hefty donations.

28.03.2001 08:20 PM -Made a few changes to the electrical section. It now has a page description, and the first entry about the power audit I am currently working on to make sure I can have enough juice for all the toys. I also have the start of the power supply article going as well.

26.03.2001 10:51 PM - Got that picture just last night from the parents of my first 914. So here it is. For all you in Washington, this is proof that they do run in the rain, sleet, rain, snow, rain, wind, oh, and did I mention rain? I miss Seattle, well till monsoon season kicks in ;-) Anyway, here is my Dad and I posing for a picture right after I just brought it home (from the neighbors house behind in the picture) from being painted. It was the same yellow Max was originally, but I repainted it in Guards Red, and used Polyurethane for the paint (same stuff I used on the B-1's hehe). I don't know how I kept it running without the list... oh that's right, Paul Weir got most my paychecks 8-)

I do miss this car - as she was my first... 1975 914/4 1.8 Liter

24.03.2001 8:22 PM - Scratch that on the CV joint repair... it messed up the whole tranny. Time for some major repair work to pull and swap out the tranny shells as the casing was cracked by the loose CV joint.



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