Torque converter bearing replacement

This page shows some of the steps I went through to replace my Torque converter bearings. As you can see the tranny is out of the car...that procedure is a book in itself to describe!! To quote the first step in this procedure from the Porsche manuals..."step 1. Remove Transmission" hahaha.

I did this job as "preventative maintenance" along with my TORQUE TUBE replacement.

First thing i did was remove the 3 rubber plugs on the housing. These plugs when removed will allow you to access the 6 mounting bolts that join the rear flexplate to the converter itself. THESE MUST BE REMOVED FIRST!! remove one pair then move on to the next.

the front part in the housing hole is the flexplate hole...the aft part is the hole in the torque converter hole....the bolts enter these 2 holes ( I turned the shaft so the holes were offset for viewing)

next i used an allen socket to remove the bolts on the converter casing.....simple enough!

after the bolts were removed i used a nice wide screw drive and gentle went around the casing an pried it loose.......eventually it pulled right off with no effort at all! You must be carefull NOT to pull the converter off with the casing.....apparently you may have some work ahead of you if you do?

this is what the 2 halves look like separated....

next step was to remove the CIRCLIP on the shaft. This was a bit tricky even with the proper tool. With a few taps with a screw driver to unseat it a bit first...i used the tool to spread the clip and remove it. As i spread the clip a part i manipulated a screw driver around the clip to help it come free. Thats it!!

Thanks go to Adam B. for some of the adivce he gave me for the procedure..

The next step im leaving to the PROS at a machine shop to pull the bearings (there are 2) the flange out and reinstall the bearings and flange.


If you do remove the TORQUE CONVERTER besure to measure the depth of installation.....below is MY version of how this can be done (the manuals i have are on FICHE and arent too clear and really dont show WHERE to measure this...BUT....using a little common sense i hope, i came up with the same value as they did...APPX 28mm

Measuring converter depth.......................

referencing the manuals page 32-104 it says to "MEASURE INSTALLATION DEPTH OF CONVERTER AND MAKE NOTE FOR REASSEMBLY" below is what i did to do this....

i placed a ruler flat on the mounting points of the flexplate on the converter, then used another ruler to measure the depth from the front of the tranny case flange....if you look close the measurement shown is exactly 28mm!! i guess i interpreted the manuals correctly?

another perspective of how i did this.