With the heat of the Vegas summer upon me i decided to do a few modifications to my climate control system inorder to get the coolest and the highest flow of air i could out of the system.

The process was very easy and just involved some rerouting of the vacuum lines. This is what i did and so far it seems to work quite well!!!

1) Gain access to the HOT WATER VALVE...passenger side..under the air cleaner. I had an old valve that i used for this and simply took my NEW/GOOD one out. The modification i made to the old/broken valve was to permanently take the NORMALLY OPEN VALVE and secure it to a NORMALLY CLOSED position. This eliminates any HOT WATER getting past the valve and to the heater core. The picture below shows what I did. I removed the vacuum actuator and drilled a small hole in the arm and ZIP TIED it closed. I the put the modified valve back on and CAPPED the white vacuum line that lead to it.

this picture has been edited but you get the idea!!

2) Remove the drivers side center console panel. This will gain access to the vaccum solinoid and the VACUUM LINES you will need........BLACK....ORANGE....and BLUE. The BLACK line is the main input to the entire system and comes into the car through the fire wall. The ORANGE line is the source of vacuum to the CENTER COMB/FLOW LIMITER FLAP.......this flap defaults/fails to the CLOSED postion and if CLOSED will limit/regulate the flow of air that comes out of the AC EVAPORATOR. . The BLUE LINE connects to the AIR RECIRCULATION FLAP in the passenger footwell above the fuse panel. This FLAP also defaults to the CLOSED...OUTSIDE AIR SOURCE postion. With the FLAP open the air directed to the cabin comes from the cabin itself......thus as you cool the air in the continously RECYCLE the cool air to the intake of the BLOWER and back through the AIR CONDITIONING EVAPORATOR again. (recirculating the air)

VENT CLOSED.........................................................VENT OPEN car running


3) using a 3 way splitter join the BLUE to the BLACK to the ORANGE......thats it!!! Now when you start the car the vacuum system will instanlty OPEN the RECIRULATION FLAP......FULLY OPEN the CENTER COMB FLAP....and will never be able to open the HOT WATER VALVE (its line is disconnected, capped and the valve zip tied shut) With the system configured like this I now the maximum amount of cool air i can!

NOTE!!! The vacuum pods need to hold vaccum or this wont work and obviously you will introduce a VAC leak to the engine system

BLACK-BLUE-ORANGE and the 3 way fitting all joined

4) in the fall when you need your HOT AIR and your OUTSIDE SOURCE of air for defrosting...just hook it all back to the original configuration!!

So far it works pretty well! A while back i rigged up a cheap Radio Shack indoor/outdoor temp gauge. The inside sensor sits directly in the tube behind the cars inside sensor and with some extra wire the outside sensor sits in the Altenator cooling hose next to the cars outside temp sensor. The display sits in the center cassette holder. Its actually quit intresting to see what temperatures the system is looking at and how the AUTO system (well it isnt AUTO now) reacts to the change in conditions. One thing i have wondered from all this is why PORSCHE placed the inside temp sensor in the dash? I have found that even on cold days the heat of the sun warms the dash substantially enough to trick the system into believing it is warm enough in the car already. Same holds true in the heat, the dash gets so hot (ive seen it at 125'F) that the interior of the car actually cools down quite abit before the sensor actually registers the correct reading.

Anyway..this mod works so far for me!!