ALPINE CDA-7839 radio 40w x 4

The plan is to get a CD changer and mount it under the passenger glove box, in the parcel tray area. I saw this on Mike Schmidt's car from Chicago, very slick!

The console panels were sprayed, believe it or not, with a TAMIYA plastic model paint(ALUMINUM), I was pretty impressed with the finish. Now im seeing how they hold up! Im debating whether or not to keep it. I may go a darker shade. I have found some paint that is a good match to the look seen on the trim peices in the Ferrari 360 Modena. It is almost a light gunmetal grey color that actually has texture. Im just experimenting a bit i guess

ALPINE FLEX4 4/3/2 channel (MRP-F306)

This was the PO's installation. It works but my plan is to build a "false floor" in the rear luggage area to house this and a 10"-12" subwoofer. Hopefully, wired with some sort of plug in harness so i can remove it when i need easy access to the spare or luggage space.


ROCKFORD-FOSGATE 4" "Punch" DoorSpeakers (FRC-2204)


this linkis a PDF file but will give you the specs on the speakers and the mounting depths.

Speakers installed...NO DEPTH Problems. The only mod i have to do is re drill different holes so the directional speaker grill sits with the "RF" logo at the bottom. Minor detail.

ROCKFORD-FOSGATE 6 1/2" Rear speakers. (FRC-2206)

4ohm... 50/100watts

These fit with no problems also behind the factory grill. I thought about using the round grills but the leather has the imprint of the stock grill after 14+ years.. I had to wire in the cross over that was on the original BLAU speakers. I had to separate the BLAUPUNKTS from the original grill, then mounted the RFs directly to the interior rear quarter panel. It has a metal underskin so the screws held nicely. The grill was then mounted using the original screws in the original holes.

I will eventually get replacements for the 2 rear 4" speakers as well


I made this page as some folks were wondering what door speakers make good replacements with out a concern to the mounting depth.

Hope that helps.