Well changing the plugs in a car is a VERY basic thing, but since i had the camera with me i thought i might as well add a page for this as well.

A few things to consider when doing this is

1) Removing the aircleaner tubes

2) I removed the crossbrace as well for more room

3) I also ened up removing the hood switch to allow better access to one of the plugs with the wrench

4) Use the plug wrench that comes with the 928 tool kit in the works great!

5) A little anti-seize on the new plugs

6) Blow out the plug holes to removed dirt


theyre under there somewhere.......

Aircleaner assembley removed

The dust boots were gentley pulled off. Mine were new so they came off easily. If yours are old, try using a feeler guage and slide it down between the valve cover and the dust boot, breaking the seal. If your plug wires are old be careful removing them, my old set basically fell apart in my hand on a previous job i did.With a gentle firm pull they should "POP" right out.

The reason i show this picture is that there is still debris/dirt that can work its way down into the plug hole. I used compressed air and a hose to rapidly blow out the dirt. This way when the plugs are removed or installed you wont run the risk of dropping a small grain of dirt into the cylinder.

piece of hose to blow out the debris

using the plug wrench from the tool kit in the trunk

Drivers side bank of plugs above...........passengers side bank below......

Out with the old and in with the new! I had no idea how long the old plugs had been in the records from the PO. From there condition i dont think i would be to far off in saying they may be original! least they were BOSCH! The bases of the ceramic insulators were rusted on all the plugs....definitely time for new ones. The old plugs themselves looked ok as far as the coloring on the electrode....they were all uniform in color and appearance from one cylinder to the next. The new plugs were BOSCH PLATNUM 4's (get them here) you can see a very different design and from what i hear make a marked improvement in engine performance. THESE PLUGS ARE PRE-GAPPED....DONT MESS WITH THEM!!!

In order to gain good access to this plug with the wrench i removed the hood 10mm bolt...that was it.


As for installing the plugs, i placed a small amount of Anti-sieze on the threads ,firmly snugged them down, and re-installed all the other parts. DONE!


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