I did this fluid change in conjunction with my torque tube replacement. The hardest part of the job is filling the differential with the new fluid.

I started by having a catch pan placed under the lower drain plug. Once in place I loosened the plug and unthreaded it. The plug sits on the back end of the differential case, underneath. As i unscrewed it the oil started to seep out. IT WAS AWFUL LOOKING!!! BLACK....VERY "SLUDGEY"...this change was long over due! The drain plug has a magentic pick up on it and you will probably find a small amount of "crud" accumulated on it......just wipe it clean.

To aid in the draining i then loosened the filler plug (sits on the rear section of the diff case). After a few minutes the oil was drained. I also turned the axle hubs on the tranny by hand in attempt to get every last drop out. Once the case was drained i reinstalled the plug, torquing it to specs and started to fill the case with new oil.

The trick is to get the new oil into the case!!! I used a piece of fuel line and slipped it over the end of my diiferentail oil container. I placed the hose in the fill hole and then raised the container to a point higher than the hole and squeezed it in! This job was made easier as my car was nearly 3 ft in the air on jacks and my axles werent installed at this point.

I used CASTROL 90w gear oil and squeezed it in until the oil came out the filler hole. Check your owners manual for the capacity and type of oil tobe used.

Once the oil was in i torqued down the filler plug and that was it!!!

Fill...Drain...and magentic pickup for the speedometer!!

this shows the magentic drain plug and the color of the OLD may find a cone shaped accumulation of crud on the plug. Just wipe it clean.

it was awkward ..slow...but this is how i go the new oil in.

another approach...made easier by the fact that my exhaust system was already off the car.


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