This page outlines the steps on how to remove the rear coilover assembly on an 87s4.

before you start it may be a good idea to soak the area along the pin with WD-40 or the likes to help free up any stubborn points.....the PIN can be VERY hard to tap out! I was lucky.

to be able to slide the pin out and have access to the bolt, the dust shield needs to be removed ( calipers and rotors are off as well)

this picture shows a socket being placed on one bolt and a wrench on the other end to counter may need a cheater bar to brake the nuts free

nut being removed from one end of the PIN

start removing the pin by tapping it out with a hammer...

at some point you will need to knock the pin THROUGH. I used a socket extension to reach in and get the pin all the way out the other side. A screwdriver may damage the threads on the end of the pin..

the other end being pushed out as i tap the otherside. It may take ALOT more than a TAP!!! : ) Like i said, if you can soak the area with WD40 first, it will help.

hammer...socket extension...driving the pin through. As it moves, washers will perhaps drop out of the assembly...try and note where they came from and their orientation.

Pin, washers and dust shield.

at this point, this is all that is holding the coilover in after the pin is out. Remove the 3 bolts and the coilover will be free to drop down.

coilover being dropped down. It may help to have a hand to catch it......mine just dropped down a few inches then got caught up on the sway bar. From this point on its just a matter of manipulating the rear suspension to wiggle out the coilover....not too tough really.

Your done!!!