My powersteering return line failed at a recent Autocross event. When it did, the fluid leaked directly onto the hot manifold and produced a nice white trail of smoke behind the car, not to mention one HE$$ of a mess underneath!.....this time it wasnt my tires smoking!

At first glance this line looks like a PITA (pain in the....) to replace, actually it is a snap and can be done easlily in an hour.

1) drive the car on ramps or jack high enough on the front drivers side(CHOCK and use JACK STANDS!!)....remove the cross brace and the intake tubes to gain better access.....the culprit is below...its a 2 part hose...one part is rubber the other is metal tubing

2) remove the driver side coil and grounding cable (dont forget the cable when you hook it back up!!) good shot of hose below

...coil removed

3) Using a flat blade screw driver, loosen the clamp on the hose. Even when fully loose the hose will be STUCK to the fitting. I pulled it off and in the process, since the hose was so rotten, tore the other end clean off the tubing!!


4) its a tight squeeze but remove the retaining clamp on the inside of the fender (yellow) ..10mm bolt... this allows the line to be pulled up and free.

5) under the car, use a 19mm wrench to remove the bolt (next to red zip tie in picture) from the steering rack....YOU WILL LOSE FLUID..where eye protection! There will be 2 copper rings with the bolt, one one each side of the fitting, dont lose them!

6) With that bolt removed, the pipe/hose can be easily manipulated UP and out of the engine bay! TAH DAH..DONE!

7) installation is a reverse process......fill the steering resevouir with DEXRON ATF FLUID (check your owners manual.....IT DOES NOT USE POWER STEERING FLUID FOLKS!!!...I believe .7 qt)..start the car and top off the fluid...check for leaks.



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