The oil pressure guage on my car would "peg" at 5 bar immediatley when i turned the key to the ON postition. After the car started it would stay there and basically not give me any oil pressure indications at all...which is not good!

I did some trouble shooting....checking wires..connections etc... but to no avail. I ordered the pressure sender from 928international and a few days later installed it. The hardest part of this repair, like everything 928, is the limited space you have to work with under the car. I raised the front of the car, removed the oil filter (draining the oil isnt required) and in about an hour had the new sender in. Below are some pictures and procedures i used.

note the chaffing of the wires as well.

this picture shows the oil filter removed so i could get a wrench on the fittings. You will have to remove the two wires on the pressure sender terminals as well. The area in green is a part that i call the INPUT to the pressure sender unit (it shouldnt have to be removed to replace the new sender). It contains a spring and a little piston with small holes in it. The reason i mention this area is because my sender unit WOULDN'T BREAK FREE from the sender input...... i ended up taking the whole apperatus apart and separating the two parts later when there was more room to work with. To remove the unit i used an adjustable wrench since it was the smallest tool that would do the job. (i cant recall the size but it was atleast 20mm.....a 20mm wrench is too long to fit and turn in this area..hence the small adjustable)

wrench on the sender

(IF THE SENDER DOESNT SEPARATE...mine didnt!!) as the whole assembley unscrews you may start to feel the pressure of the spring pushing out. Dont worry, it all comes apart and reassembles very easily! You will find the the spring is tapered..note this for installation later (narrow side DOWN)

this shows how mine ended up coming out.....the two parts still joined together..upper half the sender input...the lower half the pressure sender itself. Hopefully, when you do yours the pressure sender will simply separate from the car and the upper unit. You can see it took 2 wrenches (one to counterhold ) to actually get the sender unit off and the 2 parts separtated...they were EXTREMELY tight!!!!.

in the long run, Im glad i took the whole thing apart as I found alot of sludge built up inside the small piston. I used some parts cleaner to remove all the gum and tar...below is what it looked liked when done.

all cleaned up....

Next it was just a matter of putting it all back together and installing it in the car. As for tightening the sender, i just FRIMLY snugged it down with the adjustable wrench. There was no way i could get a torque wrench on it.

So far so good....no leaks...and the oil pressure guage in the car works flawlessly for the first time.


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