Well, once again since i had the valve covers off to repaint them i though id clean the oil check valves. My engine would occaisionaly have "sticky lifter syndrome" at start up and after reading a few posts on the RENNLIST i thought i better have a look at the oil check valves. From what i understand there purpose is to trap oil for the operation of the hydraulic tappets/lifters on start up. If your engine ticks and clatters just after start you may want to clean them. In order to get at the part you will have to take the valve coves off though. This page just shows a few pictures of the process and the parts involved.

This tool, a magnetic pick up, is worth its weight in gold!!! You WILL NEED it to extract the spring and ball out of the check valve hole. Beside being used for that, this little tool has been a life saver in many other fixes i have had!!

This shows the general location of the oil check valve and the M6x40 bolt used to extract it. Before the check valve can be remove there is a set screw that must be loosened. The allen key screw is tough to get at. It may be easier to do if the car is elevated and you can get at it from underneath. I got at mine from the top. The set screw is actually on the outside of the block directly below the valve you see above. You will need a 3mm allen key to loosen it. ......ONLY LOOSEN IT FAR ENOUGH TO ALLOW THE VALVE TO COME OUT the manual says 2 turns!!! It would be a bummer to have to try and get the small set screw back in its hole on the propper thread. Once this is done the check valve can be pulled out with the M6 bolt. The top of the check valve will come out with the bolt and most likely the spring and the ball will stay in the hole....HENCE THE MAGNETIC TOOL!

TIP!!!!! You can see above i have a red rag stuffed down in the head. The reason i did this was to plug up the oil channel...it would ....really..... really..... suck if you dropped the spring or the ball down there!!!!!


Entire check valve assembly...ball ..spring (that the magnet will pull out) and the top of the valve that will come out with the M6 bolt. This shows the vavle after i cleaned it. The part itself was actually pretty clean to begin with but it did have some oil "gook" lodged around it. After i cleaned it i used a slightly moistened cotton swab to clean out the "seat" that the ball sat in. ONCE AGAIN BECAREFUL NOT DROP ANYTHING DOWN THE OPEN HOLE!!!!

This is a close up of where the steal ball sits. Once again i used a moist cotton swab to clean the seat area very gently. AS YOU CAN SEE...DONT DROP ANYTHING DOWN THERE!!!!


Once every thing was clean i gently placed the ball in the hole and it rolled down to its seat, then attached the spring back to the top of the check valve and the M6 bolt and slide it all back down into the hole. Once it was in i reached underneath and got my 3mm allen key on the set screw and snugged it down well to hold it all in place.

The toughtest part of the whole fix is the awkwardness of getting the allen key on the set screw. Perhaps if you were under the car you may get a better view of it.....but...i managed to do it from the top. Again, be careful not to drop anything down the oil channels.