This page shows how to perform a little "get you home repair" if you find your fuel pump relay goes bad. It also shows what a jumper lead looks like for jumping the terminals. There are many relays in the 928 and this little piece of wire may be a useful addition to your glovebox!

This picture shows the FUEL PUMP RELAY (number XX).

All (well 99%) of the realys and fuses you will need are found behind the wooden floor board, under the carpet in the front section of the passenger footwell. I made the jumper wire seen above so I could have my fuel pump continuosly run as I checked and adjusted my fuel pressure. In this example I had to jump PINS 30 and 87, which you can see are switched. If the relay goes bad, this is the only way you will get your fuel pump to run and your car to start. Handy wire to have, took all but a few minutes to make it!!!

Below is a picture of how it was done, as well as a good illustration the fuse panel. Using the schematic on the relay, i orientated my jumper lead correctly and jumped PINS 30 and 87.....the fuel pump ran as long as the wire was in there.

Hopefully this little tidbit will keep you from getting stranded some day or aid you in checking your fuel pressure!


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