Alternator Removal

This page outlines the basic steps I took to remove my alternator.


remove the cooling hose, seen below, from the black shroud at the back of the alternator.... secure it out of the way



To reomove the belt you need to loosen the tension on it. The assembly you see above does this. Both bolts will have to be loosened.

I also loosend this bolt a bit to allow the bracket to swing out of the way. CAUTION. if you remove ANY of these bolts from the block area, BE CAREFUL putting them back in! Start the threads with your fingers to assure they are not cross threaded and then only when your certain, tighten the remainder with a wrench. YOU DONT WANT TO STRIP THE THREADS IN THE BLOCK!!


to remove the belt you will probably have to atleast loosen this bolt. (center of picture) The Alternator basically hangs on this. When it is loose the alternator is free to swing allowing for belt removal. To remove the ALTERNATOR, this bolt has to come all the way out! SIMPLE???..READ ON!!! It is only threaded on the last inch or so of the bolt. Again, use caution when putting it back in. IT IS A CHORE AND IS A TIGHT FIT...GET IT THREADED CORRECTLY!!

as you can see, clearance becomes an issue. It does fit through as you can see. Push the radiator hose aside (dont use a screw driver!!) and wiggle the bolt out and then just barely over the cooling fan shroud (this is an 87 car). Its tight, tough, but it can be done.

as you can see, not much room! watch the clearance with the radiator, you dont want to damage that!


Once this bolt is out, the alternator may just sit there via the tension left on the metal bracket that the long bolt tightens down on. Wiggle it gently and pull down and it should drop free. TIP- stack some blocks underneath it so it doesnt have to drop too far. I say this as... #1 it is heavy!.... #2 you still have wires attatched on the back that may be shorter than your ground clearance.

Once the alternator is free, remove the back plastic cover via a series of small bolts. (NOTE the orientation/postion of the black cover reference the alternator... specifically the cooling hose intake).. This gives you access to the wires. Remove the wires and its free!! It may be a good time to clean all the contact areas on the wires while your at it. ( i cant recall if the wires can be removed first before dropping the alternator or may want to check...i dont think you can get at all of the small bolts on the cover??)

Installation is a reverse process but TAKE YOUR TIME!! The long bolt above is a PITA to get back in due to the tolerances along the bolt and the area it slides into...its snug! (place a dab of grease on it) Once it is in, give it a gentle tap to make sure it is at its full travel....then try to thread it in (this part can be a chore!!)

Once in, bolt up the tension bracket and set your tension. I believe the belt is actually set to "9" with the belt tension tool. This setting as you may see is VERY VERY tight! the belt becomes like a strip of steel. Honeslty, i just used my own feel to set it. Too much tension is the quickest way to burnout an alternator bearing. (guess why i was writing this page...bad front bearing.!!) Not enough will casue the belt to slip under load. A slipping belt is easier to remedy in my book than a bad bearing. Set yours the way you want. When you start the car look down at the belt to make sure it runs true and doesnt "slap" around from being too loose.

that about sums it up and in a nut shell is how i removed mine! HTH