B&B Dual Out Exhaust(Headers W/Heat Exchangers on the TODO list), POWERFLOW Air Intake

KOKELN INTERCOOLER, K27 Turbo, 1 Bar Boost Spring, VDO Boost Gauge

Ruf Tachometer

Light weight Aluminum Racing pressure plate and spring center Clutch


HRE 3-Piece RIMS

MOMO Top Power wheel (Gray/Black), AirRace Aluminum Shift Knob

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930s Custom Center console-

Color matched with dye from Color-Plus. Custom Machined stainless steel face. Console houses the A/C controls & Central locking carried over from the orginal console. I also added a small VDO clock since my orginal has been replaced by a VDO Boost Gauge. The fun piece of equiptment is a beartracker police scanner to assist the windshield mounted Valentine V1. The unit alerts to police units by picking up the local repeater installed in the emergency vehicles trunk for the officers handheld. When detected acts much like a radar with light and beep. Also allows me to monitor (listen) to close units as well as scan CB 19

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Interior Trim items-

Crested Aluminum Door Pulls- Black with gold flush mounted crest

Machined Aluminum Billet Items- Lock buttons, Lock Control knob, Handbrake.

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Leather Handbrake Boot


Amerex chrome Halon Fire Extinguisher with Brey-Krause seat mount (click to enlarge)

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Kenwood Mask Cassete Deck (KRC-807) w/10disc changer mounted in trunk

Kenwood eXcelon Rear 4x6 Speakers, MB Quart 6 1/2" Component Speakers QM 2216CX (in doors)

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Avital Hurricane Alarm- Primarily for keyless entry

Performance Items and Billet goods purchased and available


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