This photo was taken a few years back at Maryann's parents' 45th anniversary party in 1992. Standing (L to R) are Maryann, me, Maryann's Uncle Andrew, my Mom & Dad, Shirley and George, Maryann's sister Kathy and her husband Dave, Armando and Susie (Maryann's youngest sister and her husband), and Margaret, Maryann's other sister. Seated are Maryann's niece Annie (Kathy and Dave's daughter) Maryann's Mom and Dad, Theresa and Declan, and Lauren, Susie and 'Mando's daughter.


This picture was from my nephew Chris' wedding in 1997. L to R are Ann and Russell (my brother's ex-wife and his oldest son), Maryann, trying to hide from the camera, Aaron (my sister's oldest son), me, Chris (my sister's other son) and his new wife Kham, my niece Anina, Marina (my brother's current wife), my nephew Andy, and my brother Doug.


This is a photo from my nephew Aaron's wedding in 2002. From L to R are Amanda (Aaron's daughter), Justin (Kham's son from her first marriage), Kham's mother, Boun Tom, my niece Anina, Chris (Aaron's brother) and his wife, Kham, with their baby, Mabel, in front, then Valerie and Aaron, the happy bride and groom in the middle, my Mom, Shirley, my wife, Maryann, then me, with my nephew Andy in front (he has now grown taller than I am in the last few years) and his mother, Marina and my brother, Doug. Quite the rainbow lineup!


This is my Mom with her sister, my aunt Donna, during a trip back east in the Fall.


This is on a fishing trip to Alaska in the late 90s with my Dad on the right, then my brother, Doug, his son Russell, me, and my half-brother Kevin on the left. We limited out on Kings and Halibut that day out of Ninilchuk on the Kenai Peninsula.


This is one of the few shots that survived over the years of our wedding in Colorado in 1972, taken by my friend Peter Philbin.


Maryann and I with our first dog, Harmon, while living outside of Sanger, CA, in the 70s.

These are pics of my Mom and Dad shortly before they were engaged in the 1940s.

This was my first ride, before I was old enough for sports cars.

This a pic of my maternal grandparents, Dewey and Ruth Parks, on their 25th wedding anniversary.

This is my father, George, standing next to the first sailplane he designed and built in our garage at home, back in the '50s.