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Page 8- Details

At the same time, there were a lot of design details to take care of as well, such as the bowsprit:

Some details of the bowsprit installation and the porpoise figurehead I mounted below it. This was a mexican ironwood carving that was given to me and fit perfectly in the curve between the stem and the sprit. The anchor rollers were solid bronze castings with stainless throughbolts, and the crance iron was a bronze casting from Bill Clark of Clark Custom boats, as was most of the bronze deck hardware I used.

The chainplates for the shrouds had to be let through the deck and bolted to the bulkheads.

Four elliptical portholes had to be cut in the topsides and filled with 3/4" Lexan fixed lites.

The fuel tank had to be installed under the footwell, behind the motor, and on top of an integral plywood/epoxy water tank built into the bottom of the hull.

Another detail taken care of at the this time was installing the shaft and prop and fairing the deadwood around it. The bottom half would wait until the keel, deadwood and rudder were finally mounted.


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