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This is my 1983 Porsche 944. I have done some performance modifications and some audio modifications.

I have a K and N air filter and a stainless steel performance exhaust right now. I plan on getting MSDS headers, a new throttle body, a hi-flow cat, and stiffer suspension, and a short shifter.

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I have completely redone the audio in my car. I started with a pioneer DEH-P7300 head unit. I put two infinity 3.5" speakers in the dash, followed by a pair of infinity 5.25" in the rear speaker section. I got a pair of Audiobahn 5.25" component speakers. I had to cut my door panels to put the speakers in because I had no stock speakers in my doors. Also I had to cut holes in my door panels for the tweeters. The component set is being powered with a 222 watt Sony amp. After I had the mids and highs done I added two Audiobahn Alum 10x. They are 10" subwoofers with an aluminum cone. They can handle up to 800 watts of rms power. I have a giant Sony amp powering them that can push out 1400 watts. Also I added neon rings around my subs that light when the subs hit. So the light up with the bass.

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