1975 Porsche 914


This site will go over all the modifications that have been done and are planned for this car.

Engine: 2.6 LT Four Cylinder

150 H.P. (best guess)

 Adjustable Koni Shocks

1983 Porsche 911SC Front Suspension & Brakes

Weight: 2200 LBS.

Owners: Tim & Terry Hannum


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I will be updating this site as I change things on the car. Stay in touch with the site on a regular basis for changes. This is how the car looks now. There soon will be a Mazda RX-7 oil cooler in the front.  The car has 180 lb springs in the rear. Here are a couple of more resent pictures of the car. 

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  2.6 LT FOUR

This is the driving force. 78 mm  stoke x 104 mm bore. The crank is counter balanced and I'm using a Keith Black set of P/Cs. A little over 9-1 compression. I used rabbit rods. I needed longer rods and I was told they were stronger. It has a Web cam. I'm running two IDF40 Webbers. These give the engine very good bottom end. I didn't build this engine to be a top end screamer. I think it will be fun on a autox course.  I still have stock 1975 1.8 exhaust with the heat exchangers removed. As I said in the beginning this is a work in progress car. (don't really need the heaters in Phoenix). I'm also running a Crane MSD type ignition system. The Crane ignition has a built in rev-limiter and I have it set at 5,400 RPM. I want this engine to live a long life. Last, I'm using stock 2.0 heads and valves.

 This is a picture of the ignition system I talked about earlier. The two relays are to make sure I get 12 volts to the fans. (condensing coil for the A/C & Oil cooler) The oil cooler that is now on the engine lid will be replaced with a Mazda RX-7 oil cooler in the front of the car.  

This picture was taken about a month after I bought the car...about Nov. 98. By this time I had cleaned out the inside. I'm sure everyone has heard the stories of what is found inside of  a 914 that has been stored for any length of time.

         englid.jpg (62380 bytes)              

  This is the A/C condensing coil & fan, plus the oil cooler and fan. (left) This oil cooler will be removed as I said earlier. Just over the top of the car in this picture you can see my spare 1.7 motor on a stand. On the right you can see how the car looks with the oil cooler removed and the Mazda cooler placed in the front. 

 oil1.JPG (72961 bytes)

This is the start of the installation of a 1990 Mazda RX-7 oil cooler. You can see the exit hole for the hot air at the rear. Make sure if you  do this...that you buy hose that is made for oils and high temp. This stuff is rated at 275 F. The oil lines come from a sandwich adapter under the oil filter. The lines are ran through the heater duct on the passenger side. (I don't need heat in Phoenix) This cooler replaces the oil cooler you see attached to the engine lid in the previous picture.


Here is the intake hole for the oil cooler just after being cut.


Here is the finished sheet metal box that contains the oil cooler. The sheet metal work took twice as long as installing the cooler and lines. I guess it's just not my thing. Plus what it looks like with the cover on.                                                                          

                                                                                                                                           10-23-007.jpg (62812 bytes)                                    

This is before the screen mesh was installed. (right) The oil cooler is sealed all around inside the sheet metal with that spray insulating foam. You can just see some on the left side of the cooler. The car runs at 190F with the A/C running in the Phoenix heat. This is after the screen mesh is installed. I have made the intake opening larger for those long runs at high speed. You know the open roads in AZ. 



If you look closely you can the A/C compressor and hoses. There is also the throttle solenoid for when the A/C is on. (big red wire connected to it)

                            10-23-005.jpg (56431 bytes)

The inside as it is now. I've added the C-D and four speakers that get the job done. I still want to replace the door panels.

This is just after installing the stock (injected 1.7) for the first time. (11-98)