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My first 911 was a 1989 Guard’s Red 911 Cabriolet.  In 1997, I traded for my current 1995 White Cabriolet 993, aka WhiteCab!




Last year I decided that I wanted to add several body modifications necessary to create a 993 Turbo-S look.  Some Porsche owners never spend a dime to customize their babies.  But for me, this was the ultimate 993…  No Turbo headaches, but a really hot Turbo-S look!


Lots of time and dollars went into this project.  From a stock 993 Cab, I’ve added the following modifications to turn this beauty into the current Turbo-S “WhiteCab”!


All body parts are top-quality from Techart and FabSpeed.

Here are the upgrades so far…


*Front air dam & brake vents

*Side rocker panels

*Rear ¼ panels – added brake vents

*Rear whale tail wing

*Porsche OEM Technology 18” wheels

*New Techart springs all around to lower the car by 1.5”

*Adjustable front torsion bar

*Fabspeed 2nd Generation exhaust system




To the right are several images of WhiteCab, in all her glory!

Would you like to buy WhiteCab?

This year I will be losing my mind.  I’m going to buy a new TwinTurbo 996.  I hope I don’t miss WhiteCab, but there’s just one spot for Porsches in my garage (along with my honey’s XJ-8 and Suburban).

If you’re interested in WhiteCab, you can see my add in the Rennlist want ad’s, or contact me at:


Tim Gray

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