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Model 1998 Carrera2 Coupe (996) Tiptronic


Metallic Black, GT3 Aerokit, Xenon Lights, Tinted Windows, Zymol'd.
Chassis / Wheels / Brakes Lowered Gemballa springs, 18" Formula Techart wheels, Porsche 'red' calipers, Pagid 'blue' pads
Engine / Exhaust 3.4 L, bmc hi-flow air filter, Cargraphic 100 cell racing cats, Techart silencers, Techquipment tips

Black 'comfort' full ruffled leather interior, heated seats with memory, 3 spoke leather wheel / airbag, leather console & handbrake, Techquipment Tip Shifter, black side vents, PCM and tip shifter surround, artic silver miror housings, key and hazard switch surround, White Dials, Sat Nav, telephone system, sunroof, climate control, trip computer, 10 speaker multi changer CD, rain sensor and fitted umbrella into side pocket

Extras Road Angel GPS speed camera detector, Philips Ultinon 6000K HID bulbs, PIAA xenon look high beam.
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