"1968 912"

Welcome to my Homepage of "Daddy's Tinker Toy" which combines the legendary look of the early 911 with the economy and durability of a 4 cyl Type IV 1.7 motor.



My functional restoration project started out as a 1968 912 that had been sitting in the backyard of the prior owner for over 10 years. The car did not run, had badly worn and dirty interior and exhibited the customary rust. Further tear down revealed the motor to have terminal crank & case damage so a motor conversion was planned.


Glass was removed, and the inside gutted. The pan was scraped and coated. Seats were rebuilt, and wood dash added along with a dash cap (which had to be modified since they don't make them for 68's). My better half even used her sewing machine for the headliner and visors! Gray interior is better than traditional black for Arizona summers.


Power train:

A rebuilt 72 1.7 Type IV motor, with its rear cooling blower, fly wheel, pressure plate & clutch was mated to the 901 transmission, throwout bearing and starter. It's necessary to fabricate a motor mount that jogged over '72 (bus) heat exchangers, past the alternator and oil cooler and attached to the existing 912 dog ears containing 911 sport mounts. Existing 914 tin was utilized with sheet metal filler panels fabricated to seal up the compartment. Dual Weber 40's, an after market extractor system and a 050 complete the package. Advantages include ease of access for maintenance, spin on oil filter and no need to worry about overheating due to broken belts.



After a year the car was licensed and passed emissions with flying colors. Its FUN to drive and has more than enough power even though the wife claims a street sweeper drives faster than I do. The Whale Tail adds that finishing touch. Contrary to popular belief, it's sole purpose is not high speed stability but to serve as a place to set your hamburger and Coke on Saturday nights! All in all, IMHO the project came out pretty good for my first attempt at a "foreign car". I couldn't have done it without parts and advice from fellow enthusiasts over the Internet.



Better pictures, which include original wheels & hub caps will be added.

(The pictures toward the top of the page depict the true color)

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