Bob Spindel

Bellevue, WA 98006


1973 911T MFI Completed 2/2000

Completely stripped and repainted. Everything has been rebuilt or is new--engine, transmission, suspension, fuel injection, brakes, etc. All rubber is new, and the interior has been completely redone with no cracks in the dash, and leather seats.




It's shaping up!



My 1972 911T, completed a few years ago.

I use this as a daily sunshine day driver, which in Seattle means about eight times a year.

It too has been completely rebuilt, repainted, and so on.

My wife, Barbara, at the helm, but to tell the truth, she isn't really that enamoured with Auto-X or Driver's Ed. She looks good at it though!




My 1972 240Z, rebuilt, repainted, etc. in 1990, and driven daily except for the eight days a year of Seattle sunshine when I drive the blue '72T. It's not quite as shiny now as it was then, and I'm not quite as young, but it still looks pretty good. I wish I could same the same for me.

This car has to be one of the most reliable automobiles ever made, and one of the easiest to work on. You can actually get at the engine without breaking your back.