People are often asking about the possible sounds they might end up with should they try this or that combination of SSIís, various custom exhaust systems, various OEM systems and combinations of all of these.


While itís not possible to pre-record every combination, I hope to put as many combinations as possible on this website for people to listen to.To begin with I will be uploading a lot of special Porsche Sounds Ė things like 917ís, 962ís and others we have no hope of buying to drive on the local interstate.These are for your amusement or entertainment.


As more and more people have time to record 10-45 second MP3 recordings of different exhaust systems we will hopefully build an extensive database of various Porsche exhaust combinations.


Hereís the starting point:

Porsche 904 from approx. 1964

Porsche 911 of unknown vintage

Porsche 911-2.0L recording while inside

Porsche 996 GT2- Recording while inside

Porsche 911 Turbo

Another 911 Turbo

The Fabulous Porsche 935

The All Conquering Porsche 956

The New Porsche 997

Porsche Boxster

The New Cayman Starting Engine and Revving Up

The New Cayman Driving Sequence

The New Cayman Driving Past

Porsche Cayman

The Porsche GT2 - 1

Porsche GT2 - 2