Hi, Welcome to SHOESTRING RACING, and I am John Mingst.......Porsche's have been part of my life right from the beginning. From dad's 356B Roadster when I was born, to the 914 I learned to to drive with. I Started my autocrossing in a Carrera, and now the owner of a 73 911T. The name SHOESTRING came about mostly from the fact that this about equates to the size of my whole racing budget for a year. We do pretty well with what we have to work with.

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99Parade Pictures Mt Tremblant 1999 Porsche Club of America Parade

Directions To Metro NY Track Tech Inspection Sites

Tech Corner (My published articles from the Metro NY PCA region magazine)

1999 Autocross Series Championship

The 73 T is an early MFI car with Factory equipped "S" options. This car is basically stock, with stock T bars, stock sway bars, lowered to euro height 25" front-24.5, 75 rear. More camber has been dialed in for autocross. There have been no engine modifications other than chain tensioners. Both street and competition tires are 205/60 15. The car has 80k original miles on it with most of original paint still intact.

I am a member of the Metro New York Region PCA and currently their Tech Chairman

We are very active in both Autocross, and Driver ED events and run a season points standing using F1 points in the autocross just to make it interesting.

Come see us sometime!