Ralph Smith's favorite car,
The 928 is often referred to as the "Shark", I finally caught one.

928S 4.7 liter V8 engine

Mine is a Black 1991 GT with cashmere interior which I got in November of 1999 with about 94K on the odometer. The Exterior was in very good shape with all the normal collection of rock chips, but a very decent paint original paint job. There was one poorly repaired minor buckle in the left front fender. Mechanically it ran well with great, even compression numbers, but lots of little (sometimes costly) running gear problems. New shocks, rear wheel bearings, CV joints and PSD problem.

After a few thousand miles to make sure that I had a good idea of it's true problems I had the T belt done just to be safe, documentation showed it had been done at 60K. The interior was a little beat and I have replaced carpet and am planing to redye the seats while fixing the notorious drivers left bolster. The first gear syncros are NOT, but it drives well and I can USUALLY shift corrrectly so they will wait for another day to get attention, if the PSD turns out to be inside the differential then the syncros will get handled with the PSD.

Dyno Results

Dyno charts and analysis on my car.

Track Events

DEs and Autocross

Support Resources for 928s

The newest 928 has to be 13 years old and some are approching 40 soon. With almost as many high tech (old high tech) magic bits as new cars 13 to 40 year old car owners need as much help as they can get.

Some Cool Places I have been with my Shark

Like any good tourist Sharks like to have their picture taken at all of the spots they visit.

I really like working on the car (haven't done much of that since I was a teen and this is much finer engineering to be caressing) but I have not posted too much here unless it seemed like new/unique info.   There are a bunch of superb web sites by owners that have great writeups and pics about most of the common projects so I defer to those in most cases.  The following pages therefore are the bigger jobs I have tackled or ones where I think I took a different approach than most and might provide a little different insite on one of the common jobs.

Under Hood Hose Replacement Project

Mark Thomas recommended all under hood rubber replacement for a 10 year old car. I replaced the following "while in there"; all vacuumn hoses, idle stabilizer, knock sendors, flappy actuator, plug wires, vacuum heater valve, fuel vapor Y coolant hoses, gaskets and seals touched. Also I repainted intake and valve covers, created a GTS breather conversion and had the injectors cleaned and tested.

Motor Mount Replacement Project

Originally motivated by failed motor mounts. While in there I installed the Devek Stage II headers, Louie Ott's crossover exhaust, front and rear steroids, rod bearings, GTS oil baffle and new pan gasket.

Misclaneous upgrades/repairs
I have done a number of smaller jobs including speaker remounting, door panel recovering, recarpeting, alternator hose replacement, H4 headlight conversion, front bumper cover replacement, cool engine air intake and Perfect Power ECUpiggyback

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