The 1974 Porsche 914. My car is a 74 2.0 which I named Little P. I have had her now for just over 2 years and I’ve loved every minute of it. Not one moment has been spent in regret with that car. She is my first car and I hope to keep her forever. It’s a very sensual, mysterious, indescribable feeling when you drive a 914. Little P, sometimes referred to as Tiffany(named after the first girl I fell in love with), is in excellent condition and has had many modifications done. But her one true virtue is her condition. Perfect interior, only very minor SURFACE rust, very straight body, and the engine usually starts. Here is a list of modifications that have been done:

  • Engine rebuild 13k miles
  • Rebuilt original 2.0 heads
  • New seats
  • New silicone bronze guides
  • Hi rev springs
  • New exhaust valves
  • Original crank counterweighted and balanced
  • Original rods resized and rebushed
  • European compression – 8.0:1
  • Lightweight Euro pistons
  • Reground cam and lifters
  • Rockers shimmed for correct geometry
  • New push rod tubes
  • New 911E aluminum pressure plate
  • New throw out bearing
  • New clutch
  • New handbrake
  • New pilot bearing
  • Aluminum valve covers
  • New flywheel
  • Fuel pump moved to front of car
  • New fuel lines and filter
  • New C.V. joint seals
  • New fuel injection relays
  • New transmission mounts
  • New throttle position switch
  • New motor mounts
  • New contact trigger points
  • New idle air valve
  • Rebuilt throttle body
  • Rebuilt distributor
  • New plugs, wires cap, rotor, points, condenser
  • Bilstein shocks
  • New bushings
  • Bump steer spacers
  • New tie rods
  • 22mm front torsion bars
  • 22mm adjustable front sway bar
  • 16mm rear sway bar
  • 180lbs rear springs
  • New rear rotors
  • New cross drilled front rotors
  • 4 piston front calipers
  • New front wheel bearings
  • New E-brake cables
  • New speedo cable (which I have since melted)
  • New clutch cable, clevis pin, release arm pivot
  • New throttle cable
  • Yokohama A-022A tires
  • Bursch glasspack exhaust
  • Euro light kit
  • New sunvisor pivots
  • New short shifter
  • New shift rod bushings
  • Replaced windshield washer system
  • New Lloyd Porsche floor mats
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Momo shirt knob
  • New pedal pads
  • New aluminum dead pedal
  • Rebuilt pedal box
  • 22mm 911 master cylinder
  • New E-brake cables
  • New speedo cable (which I have since melted)
  • New clutch cable, clevis pin, release arm pivot
  • New throttle cable
  • New vacuum advance/retard diaphragm
  • New thermo bellows
  • .97g Latteral Acceleration















So Tiffany is a pretty wicked car. She and I have a strange relationship though. Some days I’ll sit there cussing at the top of my lungs at her, and others I’m ready to sacrifice virgins to her. Generally, I am in complete admiration of that car(almost exactly like the realtionship I have with the real Tiffany!). A lot of other people dig her action too. I paid 6000 for her, with receipts and documents stating that over 14k has been invested. I’ve had all sorts of offers too, anywhere from 1600 to 8000. Still the most intriguing offer was 1700 and two 911s.

Interesting to how people react to the car. Mainly the appreciation comes from other 914 owners, but I’ve had 914 guys ignore me completely, and 911 guys wave and comment at me. So there is a great deal of mixed emotion about the car.




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