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Recent additions:
June    2000 993 suspension modification FAQ
June    2000 Changed the belts in my 993
June    2000 Additional Turbo RSR muffler model offering (For twin turbo model)
June    2000 Links to other Porsche owners
June    2000 Converted my black brake calipers to the big red look alike
May     2000 Purchased and installed the european twin turbo front bumper cover
April    2000 Improved the Idle roughness problem of my 993
March  2000 .................... forgot what I did.........

Parts and service for our 993s
Check out the 993 DIY library to learn how to work on your 993 at home
The RSR mufflers  (The perfect exhaust sound for our 993 that you have been looking for)
Beep, Beep, (New gadget for our 993s)
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Atlanta, 993 owners, need help changing oil, brakes, spark plugs, suspension etc.? I would be glad to help. 

5/2000 Most recent look of my 1996 993 narrow body. 

Dyno result of my 993

Technical section

New! Links to other Porsche owners

RSR mufflers 
The best 993 exhaust solution

"Beep Beep!"
New gadget for our 993s

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RSR muffler

              The evolution of my 993

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