This is my new Car. It is a 1970 Porsche 911 T coupe, VIN 9110120291


Production # 1200579
Motor # 6105244
Dealer # UH (C02)
Color # 2323 Blutorange (I think you called it Tangerine Orange)
Interior # 11 Kunstleder Schwarz (PVC Black)
M # 440 Antenna with speakers and surpression
M # 470 Comfort equipment
M # 568 Tinted glass all round

As you can see, the color is not original. The new color is called Silver Pewter Metallic, and is from circa 1978 VW so I have been told. The car is pretty much original save for the SSI exhaust. It also has the weber 40 IDA thriple throat carbs for which I am not sure if they came factory on the car or not, so if you can verify this..let me know! The 15 x 6 forged Fuch wheels were added as well I think, but the car inside has the original Blaupunkt AM/FM/SW radio, and Factory A/C.

I came across the car by chance one day in late May of this year. An old friend of my fathers came into our business and I just had to ask him how his car was, as I had been intrested in 911's since I was a young boy. He reply was "it is for sale." Not being in the position to buy the car I had to think hard on this. The price seemed right, so I decided to go for it , as this was an opportunity not to be missed.

I had known him since he had purchased this car in 1983 (when i was 13) but had since lost track of him as well as his car. He had some history of the car relating to the fact that he was the 3rd owner and the car was sold new through a dealer in Montreal. It was not until 1988 that his restoration was completed. The body was stripped and refinished and the drivetrain was rebuilt at approx. 70000 miles. All of the suspension was replaced or rebuilt including new shocks, brakes and wheel bearings and bushings.

He drove the car untill 1996 and then the car was parked in his shop, to sit there for 5 years more or less mothballed. This as I have found out is not good for the weber carbs, as I have since learned that they mostlikely have to be rebuilt, as the car will not run correctly.


I am very new to Porsche cars, and not much for being too mechanical so the adventure has begun. It looks like the driving will not take place untill the spring of 2002, but I have a good base to start with. I have been fortunate to own a fair few nice cars in my time, but I am most excited about this coupe. I gues it is an antique, but in fact it really is only the same age as me. With just over 100000 miles on it , I plan to run it a hundred thousand more.

To me , the coupe simply has the best lines. Much more harder lined is MR2 in the background, allthough the Toyota certainly runs smoother at the moment! I have graduted from front engine to mid-engined now to the rear engined 911.

Almost ready for winter storage :( 525 trouble free miles driven since the sorting of the fuel system!



email me if you have any comments!

More to follow.

updated 11/25/2001