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964 is the Model number given to a series of Porsche 911's manufactured between January of 1989 and December 1993.  It was a substantially new model from previous 911's (reportedly 87%), yet retained the basic features of the original design of Butzi Porsche from 1963.  Although externally the 964 appeared similar to the outgoing Carrera 3.2 to the untrained eye, under the skin there were numerous changes including:
  • All wheel drive available as the Carrera 4
  • Larger and more powerful 3.6 liter engine with twin plug ignition
  • Integrated thermoplastic bumpers
  • ABS Braking
  • Coil Over Suspension
  • Smooth faced aerodynamic wheels
  • Driver side airbag standard
In fact, the first available 964 was the all wheel drive Carrera 4, assumedly to fully differentiate it from the previous model, with nominally 69% of torque applied to the rear and 31% to the front.  However up to100% of torque could be applied to the front or rear as needed when wheel spin was detected.

The rear wheel only drive Carrera 2 was made available January of 1990, and was both simpler and lighter than it's four wheel drive counterpart

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My 1990 964 C2
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My 2 Cents Worth...

The 964 is caught between the last of the "Original" 911's (The Carrera 3.2's) and the last of the air cooled 911's (the 993), and has suffered as a bit of a step child because of this.

But to my mind, they retain enough of the classic 911 design to stay true to the original, while adding many of the improvements that one might add to a Carrera 3.2 if the resources were available.  It's hard to argue that a more powerful 3.6 liter engine and much improved suspension don't make for a better car than the 3.2.  And while many see the model 993 as the end all of air cooled 911's, I find it strays a little too far from the original design for it's own good.

The 964 is instantly recognizable by most anyone as a "911", yet is modern enough for comfortable daily use.


964 RS's

964 RS America's at the Ventura German Autofest

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