Welcome to my web page! It is a work in progress so donít expect too much from me, I have NO idea what I am doingÖÖ.that never stopped me before.


I am going to run an 84 944 in the 944 Cup starting in 2004. That is if I get the car ready in time. I have a lot of work to do and donít expect that I will have much free time. I work for IMA Motorsport in Fairfax, Virginia. We are a Porsche shop that setís up and maintains road racing cars for SCCA, PCA Club Racing, NASA etc.


I will post pics of the car, races and results as time goes by. Below are several photos of me in my street car as well as a friends 993 that he let me abuse at Mid Ohio.


Thanks for looking and come back soon!!



This is Turn 1 at Summit Point. As you can see with the stock suspension the car leans quite a bit! I upgraded the torsion bars and front springs shortly after this and it made a big difference to say the least. I was able to drop my lap times by almost 2.5 seconds to 1:27.2 with undersized tires on the car. I used up a set of 235/40r17 Toyo RA 1ís that a friend wasnít using. Normally I use a wider tire in the rear but it did surprisingly well like that.



Thatís my son Cameron in the paddock at Summit. He is 2 Ĺ and loves to go to the track with me. I donít think he knows whatís going on but he sure loves it there. It must be genetic.


I borrowed a set of Fikseís from my friend Gary Grigsby who lives in Lexington Ky. I still am surprised that I could fit a 285/30r18 tire on the back on my car. That is a lot of tire and it didnít rub. I think the frontís are 265/30r18 and no rubbing. It was tough giving them back to say the least, I didnít think that they were going to look that good on the car. Thanks Gary!



This is my buddy Dennis Dolsenís í96 993 at Mid Ohio in the keyhole. I have follow PCA member Bob Snyder in the passengerís seat. I think if he wasnít in the car I could have lifted the inside front wheel. The car at this time had only about 12k miles and got sent to Mid Ohio a guy that I used to work for decided to blow up Dennisís í88 951 race car for him at Seat Time at Summit the week before we were supposed to leave.