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In the early 1980's, Porsche introduced an improved model of the Porsche 924.
The Porsche 944 was then quickly recognized as a sports car true to the Porsche spirit,
even though some of the air-cooled "purists" turned their nose up at it.

Agile in the corners, great at the track, and beautiful on the street.

Overall, just a damn lot of fun to drive.

It's still that way.

Welcome to Bill Underwood's Porsche 944 World at RennList. All about the great
water-cooled, front-engine 944 Porsche.
Model history, maintenance tips, restoration and
simple performance modifications. Links from here will reveal to you more links to Porsche
and other automotive sites; buying tips, and a (now almost famous, or is that infamous?)
story about the 944 which I drove over a cliff...yeah, well...seatbelts are a good thing.

Introduction -- Porsche 944 World started out in the earlier, quieter days of the WWW to be a place for me to share some pictures, driver info, experience, and buying tips. And, as many have come to know (or marvel at my good luck that fateful night) a dedication to the very stout black 944 which I took over the edge, and into a California redwood canyon, never to be driven again. The last two seconds of that car's life are two of the most vivid seconds in my life.

I've been adding to Porsche 944 World for over three years. In the last two years, I have mostly added info and items that have come in from your email questions. So, this is your site, too -- it belongs to Porsche 944 lovers worldwide.

Bill's Original 944

The break of dawn on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico
Islameralda Key, Florida; March, 1986
after a night of viewing Halley's Comet.

Unfortunately, this car is now a memory.
I did the deer swerve/tree impact, then I launched it
over a cliff to the tune of 100 feet or so. In what is a miricle combination of good engineering and plain luck, I was pretty much uninjured that night in September, 1995.

At home in 1999. This car is the twisted daily road twister.

At times it functions as a time machine: this car can greatly reduce the normal time spent to get around physical space.

Thank you to Porsche Engineers everywhere.
Created: 12 / December / 99
Bill Underwood

The Main Porsche 944 World Site was profiled a year ago in the
San Francisco Chronicle's Oct. 15, 1998
Pagemaster feature, in the business section.

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And, it turns out I once worked with the webmaster,
John, many years ago back in NH. Small world...!


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Porsche Cars North America or the guys in Stuttgart. Apple, Macintosh, Netscape and Porsche, and their
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Always wear your seatbelt and keep those hands on the wheel at proper 10 and 2 o' clock positions. That's what saved me once!
Keep the power on when driving through mudslides (treat it like wet heavy snow!) Avoid too many fats and don't drink heavy.
If you smoke, quit. Leave all Volvos and BMWs behind. If you pass a Sheriff and he's waving his radar gun at you wildly but
seems too excited to turn the lights on, put the hammer down and get lost. Don't look back, and don't slow down...
And trust me about the seatbelts.