"Big Juicy Racing" Rally Car Pictures

-This page and address is only temporary... until we get an actual site together. Thank Rennlist.com for letting us use some space here until we get our stuff together.

-Luisa and I are still working on the car at her parents farm.

-This is what we have so far with help from Jeff Timleck, Sean Conroy, Malcolm Cornish, Markus Blaszak and of course the Parato and Durante family.

-The pictures are really big, I am too lazy right now to cut them down to size.

-If you don't like my web page, screw you, I don't care. I write code, I don't do HTML unless you pay me $100,000.

The work day begins

Progress is slow... and the shop is messy

Empty engine bay

The awesome custom LEDA shocks

Inside view from rear

Left side almost ready for paint

It actually touches the ground!

It's actually on the ground, no joke!

Blaszak Precision Custom A-Arms and original VW A-arms 

Rebuilt 2.0L 16V Tranny and Rabbit GTI 4K Tranny

Blackjack the rally car guard dog!

Two (of the many) different rim styles we have

Old 8V 1.8L Digifant II