Iíve put links to allow downloads of ZIP files of the PET (Porsche Parts Program).†† But remember, even though itís zipped, itís still a huge amount of data Ė so unless you have a cable modem or similar, you might want to find it on a CD.


I had hoped to upload my PET files but it times out on the server each time.Iíll tinker with the files a while and see if I can find a way to break the folders into smaller pieces and zip them.†† Sorry about my problemsÖ


After downloading both files youíll need to unzip them.If you have WinXP it has a built in utility to do this Ė drill to the files and the window on the left side will ask, ďUnzip all files?Ē


Then youíll need t find the Setup file,, click it and itíll install.But FIRST, youíll need to change your monitor resolution to 1280x1064 Ė the program will not install or run unless you change the screen resolution.So unless you have a monitor you can leave on that setting, youíll need to change it each time you use it, then change it back after youíre done.


Also, there a link to a file that shows how to troubleshoot VDO instruments.


And donít forget Ė http://www.youroil.net†††††††††††††††††††††††† ;-)




Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip†† -- This is the PET folder.


Info about Testing VDO Instruments


This is the 1st time Iíve tried to upload a Zip file Ė let me know if it works (I suspect you will);-)