P D Parker's Porsche Racing
1980 911SC PCA Class G

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2006 Heartland Park -- It rained most of the weekend, so I didn't get much video. Here are 3 clips from the Enduro race: The first lap, Passing my friend Sandy Steckman for 2nd place in 'G', Passing Bryan Henderson for 1st place in 'G', and Finally, my fastest lap (late in the enduro) 2:03.275.

Sandy and Bryan are both great to race with. I've had some good close racing with Sandy before. This was my first race with Bryan and we had several good, close moments. Note: The pass shown in the video was before either of us made our pit stop. Bryan timed his pit stop better than I did and got out ahead of me. I had a blast trying to chase him down in the final few laps (you can see him out ahead of me in the fastest lap video). I caught him on the last lap... he ran into some mud in the chicane and I got a good run on him coming out of the chicane .... we went side-by-side through the next couple of turns before I was able to get in front. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of tape just before the last lap, so I missed recording the best part of the whole race!!!!

2006 Heartland Park Enduro Start
2006 Heartland Pass for 2nd
2006 Heartland Pass for 1st
2006 Heartland Park Enduro Fast Lap

2005 Brainerd Practice -- Three of us 'G' cars had a blast in this practice session. We traded places almost every lap. This lap shows some of the drafting down the front straight and through turns 1 and 2.
2005 Brainerd Play

2005 Brainerd Qualifying Lap 1:56.901
2005 Brainerd Qualify

In the Enduro, I got boxed in between two cars coming into corner 3. The car right in front of me slowed down much more than I expected. My choice was to hit him in the back or spin the car.... see the results.
2005 Brainerd Enduro Spin

Here's the first lap of the Sprint Race
2005 Brainerd Sprint Start

I had problems with my camera and didn't get much video at Putnam Park
2005 Putnam Park (Not fastest lap but a respectable) - 1:22.083
(Sorry for the haze .... it was very humid) Putnam Park Lap

2005 Gingerman Fast Lap - 1:38.417
Gingerman Fast Lap

2005 Gingerman Sprint First Lap
Gingerman Sprint Start

2005 Gingerman - Passing Rick Koehler's 911 Carrera
(We battled for the rest of the race.)
Gingerman Koehler Pass

2005 Gingerman Finish
(Rick gets a run on me coming into the last corner ..... Separated by inches at the finish.)
Gingerman Finish

2005 Mid America Fast Lap - 1:47.238
Mid America Fast Lap

Mid America Sprint 1 Start
Mid America Sprint 1 Start

Mid America Sprint 2 - Passing the 'F' 911
Sprint 2 Passing

Mid America Enduro - Passing the E class 944
Enduro Passing

2005 Mid Ohio Qualifying - 1:48.081
Mid Ohio Qualify

Sprint Race Start
Mid Ohio Sprint Race Start