Paul Croft’s Targa in the Desert

(Still under construction)

I have lived in Saudi Arabia for the past ten years and have been on the look out for a 911 that I can take back to Australia with me. I finally found this car after literally ten years of searching. The car is in very good condition but does have a few oil leaks often associated with 911’s. I hope to stop all oil leaks in the near future. The engine is in excellent condition and the car performs very well (Euro spec 1985 911 Targa). The car has an after market turbo body fit. Surprisingly the engine temperature remains normal in the desert heat. The Targa is especially noisy at high speed and I suspect that my Targa top seals need replacing

PS: I don’t normally drive the car off road, it was done for the photo!!

My favorite angle!!


My son, Julian is looking forward to the arrival of the 911 in Australia



My other two favorite people wouldn’t mind a drive either!!




 The Cockpit !!




Some more Desert Pictures



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