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Below is the way I have rebuilt my CV joints.

I have also upgraded my H4 headlights to 80/100 watt. As most know this may ruin the headlight switch, unless you have a relay. More on this later!

Also, I went for a ride on a SUNDAY afternoon on HWY 9 near the SF/San Jose area with quite a few other rennlist members. WOW what a blast that was. I can’t wait to go again. Thanx everyone! This is really close to my house. So for now on, on Sundays I will try to head this hwy again and have some FUN!


CV joint rebuild!

I forget the year you had, however, I think they are all the same. After lifting the car up in the rear, with jack stands, I removed the six allen bolts on each side of the CV Joint. There are two CV joints each having an inner and an outer. I think Haynes actually calls the CV, velocity shafts, or drive shafts. Something to that extent. I think if you removed the big bolt after removing the rear wheel you will take the shaft and the bearings out as well.The inner CV joints are the ones connected to the transmission, again with six allen bolts. The bolts were pretty tight. Same for the outer CV joints. The outers connect to the brake rotor/axle/bearing. I pulled them out, after being careful not to rip the gasket, (should have replaced the gaskets they are cheap something like .85 cents). You will need four gaskets, if your are doing both sides.However, I was a little miffed that these CV joints makes this click click click, but my dad was rather sure, hence I didn't really take the care and prep work that I usually do. Some day I will revisit these and do them right, like when it's raining here in sunny CA. Did I mention the weather is really nice right now?Also get "HIGH QUALITY" (read = expensive grease) CV joint grease. Something like MOLYbobedium or something. Talk to your local P-mech. Anything else will not do. Again something dad warned me about getting the right grease. Hey three $10 tubes of grease sure beats a $400.00/each new CV axle! I slid the boots down onto the actual Axle part. Then I cleaned them really well with carb cleaner. Pissed off the g-friend as this made a really bad mess. Then the unthinkable happened. The joint came apart. :-0Here's dad again, "If that happens, they are probably bad." Great, thanx dad!?!!Now I see "$" dancing about my head... oh no. I muscled them back together (took the better half of the day). Now I was worried. I re-greased it with over half a tube of grease. I think it calls for 4 oz. I anticipate I put in 5 or 6 oz. Good thing I got three tubes of grease! Alright now only three CV joints to go WHHEEEEEEEEEEeeee! :-\This extra grease made it hard to put the joint over the gaskets while keeping the gaskets cleaned. You don't want grease all over your pretty under belly, or on the exhaust. Hence, keep the gaskets clean. I tighted the allens up. Then drove it around the block. I tighted the allens up again, not much more to tighten. Wow! There went a weekend!I was told to check the allens again after 100 miles or so, this I have not done yet. Others say the allen bolts could actually break under "hi-stress" conditions, whatever that is. However, I did notice some of the allens were bent. Weird?!! I see Pelican parts and Automotion sell the allen bolts tho. let me know if this isn't too clear. My writing and my verbal skills are not the same.As my dad says, " Keep havin' fun! "OK dad...